Zeno’s Paradox

May I Explain?

A paradox, in logic, is a statement that somehow contradicts itself but seems impossible to disprove or reason out. Call it what you may, a contradiction in terms, an inconsistency/ incongruity/ anomaly, it doesn’t change the hours of sleep I’ve lost over them. The Barbershop Paradox, the Drinker Paradox, the Paradox of Entailment, the Lottery Paradox and one of my favorites (and by ‘favorite’ I mean the ones that makes me want to rip my face off) – The Zeno’s Paradox.

Now I like this one quite a bit because there’s a little story that comes along with it.

One day Achilles and a tortoise were having a race (don’t ask me why, I don’t even know man) and Achilles allowed the tortoise a 100 meter head start because the poor thing is pretty slow. So once the tortoise reached that 10 meter mark, Achilles started sprinting to catch up…

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