Math 17 Sample Exam Now Downloadable!

In the life of May

math-17-samplex  – 1st Exam (EDIT 07/16/12: Updated due to typo)
LONG EXAM 2 – uploaded 6/15/12 (answer sheet not included, please see note below)
LONG EXAM 2 – Answer Sheet – uploaded 6/20/12
MATH 17 3rd long exam – uploaded 7/12/12

EDIT [06/20/2012]: Uploaded answer sheet for 2nd samplex!
EDIT [07/12/2012]: Uploaded Exam 3

My sister was about to throw away all college exams but I stopped her. I figured somebody could use this. I was going to do everything, but this is tiring to do in one sitting! So here’s the first samplex for now, you could download it just by clicking the link! I would upload the seven or so remaining samplex(es) if I get requests. I would scan it but it’s full of my notes. I do apologize for any mistakes, I only copied the samplex (which I bought from one of those orgs, I guess), but…

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